Meeting 06-Mar-2019: Natalia Pavlou (UCY)

Join us this Wednesday, March 6th, at 6:30pm at the CAT lab (E004). I will present my work on Cross-clausal subject-verb agreement in Greek. A short abstract can be found below.


In this talk, I will examine cross-clausal subject-verb agreement in Greek, where the subject in the embedded clause agrees with both the embedded and the matrix verb. I argue that the subject is truly structurally in the embedded clause given evidence from temporal adverbials and on the basis of previous related work (Potsdam and Polinsky 2008, among others). The discussion will unfold to examine how cross-clausal agreement appears in different types of structures and to explain the phenomenon in terms of both a non-local and local theory of agreement.

Upcoming CAT meetings- Spring Semester 2019

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