Meeting 20-Mar-2019: Elena Theodorou (CUT)

Important Update

Due to unexpected reasons, this week’s CAT lab meeting will NOT take place at the CAT lab, but on the first floor of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences building (CUT)* (Vragadinou street 15) in Lemesos at 6:30pm. You can find the abstract below.

Join us on Wednesday, March 20th, at 6:30pm in room E004 on the first floor of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences building (CUT)* (Vragadinou street 15) in Lemesos for a presentation by Elena Theodorou (Cyprus University of Technology) on Language disfluencies and speech rate in children with DLD. You can also attend this talk remotely at:


Fluency as well as speech rate are associated with the ability of producing speech quickly and easily. Literature strongly states that language production, fluency and rate of speech are highly interrelated processes. The term linguistic dysfluencies determines the whole set of pauses and self-repairs found in oral speech. In fact, they are part of normal production and serve the function of self-correction. As for children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), linguistic dysfluencies differ from those produced by Typically Language Developing (TLD) children.
This study examines the types and frequency of dysfluencies, as well as speech rate that appear in narrations of Cypriot-Greek children with DLD and typical language development.
Our findings suggest that preschool children with DLD use the same types and amount of disfluencies as TLD children do. Significant differences were yielded when school aged children with LI were compared with their TLD peers. No difference observed between preschool children might be related to the language acquisition process that happens rapidly at this age. Significant differences were detected when children with DLD were compared with their TLD peers in terms of speech rate.
Concluding, this study represents the very first study examining the linguistic dysfluencies and speech rate articulated by Greek speaking children (in this case Cypriot-Greek), and it could be characterized as exploratory.

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