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Name Definition Summary Author Year Page
A-movement A-movement is na instance of Agree-driven movement which values
Kitahara 2002 173
Accessibility Condition A lexical item X (and the features it contains) is accessible without
Collins 2002 55
Accessible subject β is an accessible subject for E iff β is a SUBJECT and β is distinct fr.... Hornstein 2001 30
Accommodation Accommodation of βAC must be minimal given the accommodation- seeking materia.... Fox 2000 98
Adjunction No adjunction of a Nonhead to a head.
No iterated adjunction of multiple....
Chametzky 2000 100
Adjuncts Each element is in an A-bar position.... Lasnik 1999 145
Agreement Criterion A phrase α that determines agreement in a phrase β cannot at the same
Uriagereka 1999 270
All For One The All for One Principle: Every link in a chain meets the morphological
Hornstein 1995 190
Anaphors Anaphors do not occur in syntactic positions construed with agreement.... Rizzi 1990
Antecedent If the index of α is distinct from the index of β, then neither α nor β is t.... Chomsky 1995 94