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Name Definition Summary Author Year Page
Arguments Each element is in an A-position, α Case-marked and αn θ-marked.... Chomsky 1993
Attract F K attracts F if F is the closest feature that can enter into a checking
Chomsky 1995 297
Attract/Move a. Only the head of CH can be attracted by K
b. α can be attracted by K....
Chomsky 1995 365
Barriers a. IF α is a head, γ is a head
b. If α is ai an A-position, then γ i....
Chomsky 1995 81
Base generation of wh-items (in Scottish Gaelic) and the Agreement mechanism a) A feature interpreted as predicate abstraction, Λ b) a feature interpreted a.... Adger & Ramchand 2005 174
Binding Conditions Given a local Domain D,
a. anaphors are bound in D
b. pronouns a....
Zwart 2002 272
Binding Theory/ Condition A An anaphor must be bound in a local domain.... Chomsky 1995 95
Binding Theory/Condition C An r-expression must be free.... Chomsky 1995 96
Binding Theory/Condition C Condition C is superfluous, i.e. is not a primitive part of UG.... Kayne 2002 138
Binding Thery/ Condition B A pronoun must be free in a local domain.... Chomsky 1995 95