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VB Economy Nonlocal variable binding cannot be semantically vacuous; that is, if a variab.... Fox 2000 6
Verb movement and Object shift AgrsP > NegP > TP[±futrure] > AspP1[±habitual] > AspP2[–imperfective] > Agro.... Aboh 2001 7
Visibility Condition A chain is visible for θ-marking if it contains a case position.... Chomsky 1995 119
Weak Cross Over A pronoun cannot be linked to a WH-t/variable to its right.... Hornstein 2001 140
Word Interpretation (at LF) At LF, X0 is submitted to independent word interpretation processes WI.... Chomsky 1995 322
Word Order Economy Overt optional operations cannot be string-vacuous (i.e. they must reverse th.... Fox 2000 75
Wording Law WI recognizes α as a word if and only if: a. α has phonological content and.... Uriagereka 1998 441
Wording Requirement At PF all morphemes with phonological content are hosted within
Uriagereka 1998 252
X-bar theoretic properties The need for a phrase to have a Head.
The impossibility for a phrase to ....
Chametzky 2000 84
X-bar Theory The generalizations of X'-Theory can be reduced to statements about
Collins 2002 44