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Name: Accommodation
Definition: Accommodation of βAC must be minimal given the accommodation- seeking material α a. An accommodation βAC is minimal given α, if there is no alternative accommodation to βAC, β', such that β' contains α and β' is closer to βA than βAc is b. β' is closer to βA than βAC is, when the accommodated material of β' is a proper subset of the accommodated material in βAC c. The accommodated material of an accommodation β consists of the lexical material that is present in β and absent in βA. Accommodation of βAc must have a trigger. Accommodation has a trigger when βE contains accommodation-seeking material, that is, when βE contains non- F-dominated material that is absent in βA
Author: Fox 
Year: 2000
Page: 98
Reference: Fox, Danny (2000). Economy and Semantic Interpretation. Linguistic Inquiry Monographs. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts