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What are the activities in and by CAT?

We have a number of different CAT Meetings, the core of our activities involves CAT Research, and we also organize CAT Events — we’re now integrating a calendar function in our CATendar.

CAT Meetings

The Cyprus Acquisition Team meets regularly. Anyone is welcome to join! Whether you are a student, a professional, a researcher, an academic faculty member, or perhaps a concerned parent, and whether you live in Cyprus or just visit — if you’re interested, please get in touch! There is no requirement to attend CAT Meetings regularly.

You find the current schedule of CAT Meetings here. With the fall 2011 semester, we split our meeting activities largely into CAT Lectures and WG Meetings, in 2013 we started the CAT–CAT lecture series1, and as of the spring semester 2014, we offer RMED meetings for students interested in getting involved in CAT.

CAT Research

The Cyprus Acquisition Team originally started out by undertaking a lot of unfunded research, and unfortunately this continues into the present: CAT itself is not yet financially supported in any major way, and most of the researchers affiliated with CAT carry out research without their own funding. We are actively looking for donations and would be happy to discuss funding support strategies. If you’re interested in helping out, please get in touch with Dr Kleanthes Grohmann

CAT explores language acquisition and development, with emphasis on English, Greek, and Russian. At this time, our research extends to first and second language acquisition in monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual typically developing and language-impaired children aged 2 to 7, but we’re also investigating older children and teenagers for particular aspects of language; in addition, we are currently starting to explore very early language development in infants and toddlers. More information can be found on our CAT Research page.

Past funded research activities included the UCY-funded Gen-CHILD Project and the RPF-funded CySLI Project. Our working groups are listed on the CAT WGs page. We’re currently exploring vocabulary and early grammar development in infants and toddlers (LexiKyp Project) and grammatical abilities in children with Down Syndrome (CG-DS MorphoSyntax Project).

Please also visit the page detailing all CAT output here (soon with downloadable papers, presentations, and more).

CAT Events

From time to time, we organize events beyond our regular CAT Meetings
and other activities. These will be compiled here.

Other local events with heavy CAT involvement are these:

  1. The CAT–CAT lecture series will be detailed here shortly. ‘CAT–CAT’ or ‘CAT-within-CA’T stands for something like Cyprus Acquisition Team for Cypriot And Theory. Please stay tuned. For now, please get in touch with Lena Papadopoulou concerning CAT–CAT. 

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